About Me


Helping Families Navigate Life’s Journey


Professional Licenses:
Professional Counselor
Specialist in School Psychology
Psychological Associate
Specialist Certifications:
Certified Imago RelationshipTherapist
Certified EMDR Practitioner
Master of Arts, School Psychology, SHSU
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, SHSU



Seguin ISD, Comal CISD, University of Texas

My experiences in school psychology were diverse and rewarding. They enabled my growth in the skills of academic and psychological assessment, developing recommendations for academic and behavioral programs, managing ARD meetings, counseling special needs students, consulting with teachers, parents and school administration, and supervising interns. My student clients ranged in age from three to 21.



While working in schools it became obvious that the best prognosis is more likely when parents are involved in their child’s psychotherapy. However, school schedules hinder in-depth inclusion of family therapy. So I attained my license as a Professional Counselor in order to broaden the scope of my counseling and thereby strengthen my ability to help children and families.

After retiring from the field of education, I accepted a position with Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center: While there, it was my privilege to establish a counseling program for children who have witnessed domestic violence. Coordinating my service with the counselors of adult victims and teaching parenting classes became vital parts of my responsibilities. My training as a specialist for treating post traumatic stress disorder began during this phase of my career.

My private practice was opened in 2001. My clients included children, adolescents and adults. I specialized in relationship therapy for families and couples. I also specialized in treating post traumatic stress disorders and related mood difficulties.

In 2011 my experience and training for treating post traumatic stress disorders proved valuable. I was a
volunteer counselor of victims and first responders during the wild fires in Bastrop County. I also assisted the Red Cross with running one of the shelters.



I will always treasure the years I’ve been able to share with clients my skills and training in psychology and counseling. Each individual I’ve met and worked with has made a meaningful impression on my heart and life. Recently, however, I have felt a strong desire to focus personal energies on my family, writing, and on developing seminar/workshop presentations. On July 31, 2014, I closed my private practice to follow that dream.

My books are an effort to honor and promote the value that parenting and leading a family require commitment, planning, structure, teaching, mentoring and cooperation.

MAGICAL YEARS TO LEARN WITH ME: A Gentle Guide for Children, Parents, Teachers and Counselors is a book I’ve written to assist parents and professionals who work with children establish structure for positive learning and growth. It is read-and-learn-with-me activity book, designed for reading to children ranging in age from one to six. The wording and delightful pictures should promote interest and interaction and enhance the bond between children and adults. Easily referenced parent pages include Parenting Tips, Case Studies and Parenting Goals that impart and strengthen parenting skills during the reading exercise.

MAGICAL YEARS TO LEARN WITH LIAM, a shorter version of MAGICAL YEARS TO LEARN WITH ME, doesn’t include the parent pages. However, I’ve been informed that adult and child readers comprehend the lessons about the value of early communication, the job of parents, and the THE MAGICAL POWER OF MAKING CHOICES!

THE POWER OF CHOICE SONG, included in both book versions, tends to fill heads and hearts with happiness. Click on the link on the left of this page to listen to the delightful tune and lyrics played and sung by my grandson Jo Reddy, his wife Frankie, great grandson Bohdi and friends. You’ll probably catch the giggles! But try not to if you wish; I dare you!



My life journey has taught me that home should be a safe harbor where family members find acceptance, understanding, encouragement, and support in preparation for new endeavors. One should be able to look forward to relaxing and re-energizing in such an environment. Autonomy and relationship adeptness should thrive as habits of helping one another shape the ambiance. In homes that do not provide such basic physical and emotional support, family members often look elsewhere for acceptance and value — school, work, peers, gangs, etc. The family unit can become at-risk for chaos and conflict.

Experiences as a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, stepmother and grandmother have enhanced my understanding, training and competencies required in order to counsel effectively. For over 36 years my husband, Larry, and I have learned and practiced the skills needed to blend our lives and children (three each) into one large family, “…through sickness and health, for richer or poorer...helping children succeed in school, …caring for aging parents….” It is a privilege to share what I’ve learned with others facing challenges similar to those we have overcome.

Parenthood should be gratifying and fulfilling. I like to think of children as being our heritage, extensions of ourselves throughout time. Such a treasure is surely worthy of our focus, protection and nurturing.

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